100% Me Elementary School Program

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Included: 1 Facilitator Guide with every order of 100% Me Elementary School Programs.

The TrueSport 100% Me Elementary School program provides students with invaluable tools to make ethical decisions that take into account the impact of their behavior on themselves and others; introduces students to the Six Pillars of Character® from CHARACTER COUNTS!®; encourages them to enjoy sports and physical activities; instructs students on the importance of sportsmanship; teaches the basics of proper nutrition, hydration, and sleep; promotes drug prevention awareness; and aids students in understanding genes, traits, and body types.

100% Me is easily adaptable to a multitude of settings, including classrooms (of an array of subject areas), integrated teaching, nontraditional classrooms such as weight rooms and locker rooms, after-school programs, and youth sport leagues.

Becoming a “True Sport for Life” is living the TrueSport principles, both on the field and off. It includes being a good sport, working hard, and always competing to the best of your natural abilities. It also means respecting yourself, your teammates, your opponents, and your sport.